Central-Eastern Working Group Meeting

ESPON on the Road Central-Eastern Working Group Meeting was held in Warsaw on February 25, 2014. The meeting was organised by ECP PL (Centre for European Regional and Local Studies EUROREG) at the University of Warsaw.

It was the first occasion for all partners of the ESPON on the Road Project of the Central-Eastern Working Group (ECPs from Poland, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia) to meet and discuss their plans, ideas and concerns. The main focus was discussion on activities and products planned by partners, especially events, information materials, social media activities, and regional Communication and Outreach Strategy. Partners agreed on general approach and main assumption of the Working Group activities, as well as draft schedule of the events and thematic focus of information materials. During the discussion partners also proposed their ideas related with the transnational event (planned to be held in Warsaw), as well as possible restrictions related with using social media. The main conclusion from the meeting was the list of three main topics that will be the foci of partners’ activities (10th anniversary of EU enlargement, cross-border co-operation and towns). In case of events  more flexible approach was agreed, taking into consideration national context and capacities.