Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion. Turning territorial diversity into strenght


Territorial cohesion is about ensuring the harmonious development of all these places and about making sure that their citizens are able to make the most of inherent features of these territories. As such, it is a means of transforming diversity into an asset that contributes to sustainable development of the entire EU. Following the conclusions of the informal meeting of the EU ministers responsible for spatial planning and regional development in Leipzig on May 24-25, 2007 inviting the Commission to "prepare a report on territorial cohesion by 2008", this Green Paper launches a debate on territorial cohesion with a viewto deepening the understanding of this concept and of its implications for policy and cooperation. This debate takes place without prejudice to the outcome of the parallel ongoing Commission reflection on the budgetary review. The Green Paper does not cover any financial aspects of cohesion policy within the current financial framework.