A New Sustainable Planning for the Polynuclear Territorial Development: the Plan of Provinvia di Roma


Prezioso M. (2003) A new sustainable planning for the polynuclear territorial development: the plan of Provincia di Roma, in 5th Biennal of Town & Town Planners in Europe, Connecting the City, Connecting the Citizens - Sec. "Regional level: Connecting the Cities in the Region", Barcellona 10-12 april, 2003, CD, in LEVEL. The paper presents the Rome provincial Plan and its method of work, different from the past, based on subsidiariety and new local and sovra-local input search. It speeds up provincial governments to be aware of new formulas and new principles towards which orient economic-territorial regionalization, first of all sustainability. The reflection and the Rome planning is moved by geoeconomic and geopolitical research, to estimate ex ante the effects that newborn federalism will be able to have on the economic-territorial organization of ours country.