ESDP European Spatial Development Perspective. Towards Balanced and Sustainable Development of the Territory of the European Union


By adopting the ESDP, the Member States and the Commission reached agreement on common objectives and concepts for the future development of the territory of the European Union. The ESDPis a suitable policy framework for the sectoral policies of the Community and the Member States that have spatial impacts, as well as for regional and local authorities, aimed as it is at achieving a balanced and sustainable development of the European territory. In the interests of closer European integration, the Ministers consider co-operation on regional development among the Member States and among their regions and local authorities necessary. Regional and local authorities must work together in the future across national boundaries. The ESDPis a suitable reference document for encouraging co-operation, while at the same time respecting the principle of subsidiarity.All the participants were agreed that the ESDPdoes not provide for any new responsibilities at Community level. It will serve as a policy framework for the Member States, their regions and local authorities and the European Commission in their own respective spheres of responsibility.