Geography and New Models for Territorial Planning: Italian Case Study


Prezioso M. (2004) Geography and new models for territorial planning: Italian case study, in Proceedings of IGU International Conference One Earth - Many Worlds, Session: Geography and Public Policy, Glasgow 15-20 ago. The contribution aims to discuss the efficiency and the efficacy of a new political and administrative planning method. It?s different from the past because it researches the subsidiarity and its apply at local and sovra-local public powers (regions, province, municipalities) moving by the sustainable values. The paper presents how an specific original geographical research can contribute to built a new model of Public Territorial Planning in Italy, in the actual transitional fase from a functional and monocentric regional vision to a polycentric regional one for federalism and European integration. The methodological base born by the critical discussion of last experiences in matter of strategic planning, realised in Italy and Europe (larger metropolitan plans).