Polish Presidency Conclusions on the territorial dimension of EU policies and the future Cohesion Policy


The Polish Presidency Conclusions present key messages related to the future Cohesion Policy and to an integrated territorial approach to development. The first part of the Conclusions reflects preliminary observations of the Polish Presidency on the main issues regarding the future Cohesion Policy in the framework of the recently published legislative package for this policy. The second part of the Conclusions is based on the intergovernmental debate about the role of an integrated and territorial approach to development, where special attention is paid to cities and follow-up to the Territorial Agenda of the European Union 2020. The Conclusions reflect the discussions held in the course of the Polish Presidency meetings, seminars, conferences and build on the accomplishments of the preceding Presidencies.

The Conclusions were discussed at the meeting of the Directors General responsible for EU Cohesion Policy (regional policy), territorial and urban development held on 34 November 2011 in Warsaw and take into account an outcome of the discussion as well as written comments of many Member States. The last stage of the discussion of the Conclusions took place at the Informal Meeting of Ministers responsible for EU Cohesion Policy (Regional Policy), Territorial and Urban Development held on 2425 November 2011 in Poznań.

The Conclusions do not prejudge the final results of the negotiations nor the positions of Member States regarding the legislative package for Cohesion Policy and other EU policies.