Regional Spatial Strategy for the West Midlands

The strategy was published in 2008 slightly revising a 2004 original. Regional Spatial Strategies like this were produced by the Government Office of the Regions, and were part of the attempt by the then UK Government to shift the UK planning system more towards a strategic spatial planning approach. However they existed alongside a separate document, the Regional Economic Strategy. A change of government in 2010 led to these RSS being sidelined. This one is for the West Midlands of England, a region of 5.3M people covering 13,000 sq km, and focused on the city of Birmingham, but also including accessible rural areas. A study of the region's "Polycentric Framework" was undertaken in the process of preparing the strategy, and there is also a short section about Europe. There is a diagrammatic map illustrating the strategy. The industrial legacy of the region means there s a strong emphasis on urban regeneration, though rural regeneration is also part of the strategy.