Transnational Territorial Cordination Plan for Valais and Valle d'Aosta regions (in French)


The document is in French language. The Valle d'Aosta region is at the North borders of the country in the Alpine mountain territory. The Region developed an ITDS tool with the Swiss region of Valais in the framework of trans-border European Cooperation policy (Programme INTERREG II Italie-Suisse 1994-1999): the Coordination Territorial Plan for Valais and Valle d'Aosta regions. PLAN DE COORDINATION TERRITORIALE (PCT) Valais - Vallée d'Aoste REPUBLIQUE ET CANTON DU VALAIS REGION AUTONOME VALLEE D'AOSTE Conseil Valais - Vallée d'Aoste du Grand-Saint-Bernard. The document summarizes the content of the Plan.