The documents in this library include examples of policy and research on territorial development from across Europe. They provide useful guidance, case studies and concepts for practitioners and policy-makers involved in the development of territorial policy and plans.

Unless specified otherwise the language of the documents is English.

 Document title
1Copus Andrew, Urban-Rural Relationships in the new century: Clarifying and updating the intervention logic
otherscientific articleintervention, policy, urban-rural relationships
2Implications of territorial cohesion: An essay. Paper prepared for the Regional Studies Association Annual International Conference 2010 'Regional Responses and Global Shifts: Actors, Institutions and Organisations'. Monday 24th - Wednesday 26th
EUscientific articleplace-based approach, policy coordination, spatial strategy making, territorialisation of policies, territorial capital
3The Territorial Dimension of the Cohesion Policy by Delia Ionica
Romaniascientific articlecohesion, disparities, territorial features
4Janin Rivolin, Umberto, 2010, EU territorial governance: learning from institutional progress, April, 2010, European Journal of Spatial Development.
EUscientific articlecohesion, governance, institutional, institutionalisation, planning, spatial, territorial, territory, eu
5Riccardo Cappellin. 2007. The Territorial Dimension of the Knowledge Economy : Collective Learning, Spatial Changes, and Regional and Urban Policies. American Behavioral Scientist 2007 50: 897
EUscientific articleinnovation policies, regional networks, territorial knowledge management, urban policies, knowledge economy
6Faludi, Andreas, 'The Process Architecture of EU Territorial Cohesion Policy', Refereed article, August, 2010, no 39, European Journal of Spatial Development.
EUscientific articlecohesion policy, open method of coordination, strategy development, spatial planning
7Connecting Europe to its Regions: Territorial Cohesion as a Toolkit for an Interwoven Spatial Development Approach
EUscientific articleesdp, regions, territorial cohesion
8A new paradigm of the EU regional development in the context of the Poland's National Spatial Development Concept
Polandscientific articlespatial development, structural policy, regional policy
9Some considerations about spatial planning and development policies in Italy
Italyscientific articlegovernance, sustainability, policentricity
10Cohesion Policy: Methodology and indicators towards common approach
Italyscientific articlesustainability, territorial dimension, cohesion policy
11Is it possible to give more relevance at territorial dimension onto competitive and sustainable policy choices?
Italyscientific articlegovernance, territorial dimension, sustainability
12The Territorial Dimension of a Competitive Governance in Sustainability
Italyscientific articlegovernance, territorial dimension, sustainability
13Geography and New Models for Territorial Planning: Italian Case Study
Italyscientific articleeuropean integration, italian context, territorial planning
14A New Sustainable Planning for the Polynuclear Territorial Development: the Plan of Provinvia di Roma
Italyscientific articleitalian provincial planning, rome, sustainability, itds