The documents in this library include examples of policy and research on territorial development from across Europe. They provide useful guidance, case studies and concepts for practitioners and policy-makers involved in the development of territorial policy and plans.

Unless specified otherwise the language of the documents is English.

 Document title
1Effective instruments - Supporting Territorial Development. Summary by Fabrizio Barca
Polandpolicy paperbarca, best practice, cohesion policy after 2013, instruments, integrated development, smart growth, territorially sensitive development, urban areas, territorial development
2Seminar on territorial dimension of development policies. Paradigms of regional policies - virtues, limitations, implications
Polandpolicy paperconcepts, development policies, paradigms, practical application, regional policy, territorial dimension
3Background Report on the urban dimension of the Cohesion Policy post 2013
Polandpolicy papercohesion policy, polish presidency, post-2013 eu policy, urban dimension
4How to strengthen the territorial dimension of 'Europe 2020' and the EU Cohesion Policy
Polandpolicy papercohesion policy, eu, territorial dimension, europe 2020
5Regional policy in Poland
Polandpractical handbookdevelopment policy, multilevel governance, poland, territorial cohesion, territorial dimension, regional policy
6Cohesion Policy Programme of the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Information brochure
Polandpolicy papercohesion policy, conferrences, events, strategy, polish presidency
7New paradigm in action recent developments and perspectives of regional policies
Polandpractical handbookcohesion policy, multi-level governance, paradigm, perspectives and models, policy-mix, regional strategies, regional policy
8An Integrated Approach to Development in Poland
Polandpractical handbookmultilevel governance, regional development, regional policy, sectoral approach, territorial cohesion sustainable growth, integrated approach
9The Pomorskie Voivodeship Development Strategy
Polandpolicy paperaccessibility, baltic sea region, coastal region, cohesion, competitiveness, integrated, regional cohesion, regional itds
10Land Use and Development Polish Regulatory Framework and Democratic Rule of Law Standards
Polandresearch reportland use, legal solutions of land use, regional development, spatial planning, planning system
11National Regional Development Strategy 2010-2020: Regions, Cities, Rural Areas (NSRD) (in Polish and in English)
Polandpolicy paperpolycentric development, regional integrated territorial strategy, territorial potentials and challenges, regional policy
12National Spatial Arrangement Concept (NSAC) 2030 (in Polish and in English)
Polandpolicy paperintegrated territorial vision, spatial arrangements, territorial strategy, spatial policy
13National Urban Policy Review of Poland (in Polish and English)
Polandresearch reportintra-urban disparities, oecd studies, summary presentation, urban policy
14A new paradigm of the EU regional development in the context of the Poland's National Spatial Development Concept
Polandscientific articlespatial development, structural policy, regional policy
15Polish background report for OECD National Urban Policy Reviews in Poland. Part 1 and 2 (in Polish and in English)
Polandresearch reportfunctional urban areas, housing, postsocialist cities, settlement structure, transformation of urban structure, urban policy, urban dimension
16National Spatial Development Concept 2030 as an example of coordination tool for public policies
Polandpolicy paperintegrated territorial vision, spatial arrangements, spatial policy, territorial strategy, presentation