ESPON Programme



ESPON Transnational Networking Activities

ENECON - ESPON Evidence in a North European Context.

NORBA - Nordic-Baltic dialogues on Transnational Perspectives in Spatial Planning.

INTERSTRAT - ESPON in Integrated Territorial Strategies

SCALES - Breakdown and capitalisation of ESPON results on different scales.

CaDEC - Capitalisation and Dissemination of ESPON Concepts

ESPONTrain - Establishment of a transnational ESPON training programme to stimulate interest to ESPON2013 knowledge



ESPON Reports and publications

Applied research - projects create European wide, comparable information and evidence on territorial potentials and challenges focusing on opportunities for success for the development of regions and cities.

Targeted Analyses - conducted under Priority 2 of the ESPON 2013Programme, represent a new type of projects supporting the use of existing results in partnership with different groups of stakeholders.

Scientific Platform - a core element in a European territorial knowledge base.

ESPON Publications - set of synthesis reports, scientific reports, thematic series of "Territorial Observations", collection of "maps of the month".


EU Presidencies

Lithuania, second half 2013.

Greece, first half 2014.

Italy, second half 2013.


Blogs and publicity

World View by Cliff Hague

Innovation Circle Network - a blog by Cliff Hague