HyperAtlas in the classroom

In line with the goals of ESPON on the Road project, the HyperAtlas in the classroom experimentation aims at bringing ESPON results closer to new potential users. Indeed, the intention is to foster the use of the ESPON HyperAtlas in teaching geography to secondary school pupils.
Despite its apparent sophistication and complexity, the HyperAtlas bringsan innovative method in teaching geography. It ensures an understanding of complex geographical concepts and multi-scalar territorial analysis by doing.

The ESPON HyperAtlas tool provides pupils with a thorough knowledge basis of both European territories and the European Union as a political space.

The HyperAtlas in the classroom experimentation is led by the French project partner (South group) in collaboration with ECP Romania and four colleagues from Greece, Poland, Slovenia and Spain.

Project partners were in charge of creatinga protocol to ease the use of ESPON Hyperatlas in teaching geography. On the basis of the ESPON CaDEC transnational methodology, project partners designed pedagogical sessions (considered as best teaching practices) that match their national schools curricula while keeping a transnational logic. The UMS RIATE provided a technical support by providing data series and up-to-date hyp files.

The pedagogical sessions are the result of a collaborative work process. They were first drafted in English and translated into national languages afterwards.

After a training session by project partners, the experimentation rested on the commitment of teachers that will run the experimentation with 16-18 years old pupils.

The topic of the session is ‘inequalities in Europe’ and matches all their national schools curricula. First pupils are briefed on ESPON and the context of the experimentation, and then they are trained to build their own map. The third section of the session will be based on role-plays and debates about inequalities and European solutions to reduce them.

Each teacher was provided with a HyperAtlass in the classroom teaching package containing:

  • Context information on ESPON and the project in English (translation into national language is not compulsory);
  • Note on how to create a hyp file in English intended for teachers;
  • Storyline of the activity intended for teachers in national languages;
  • Presentation to introduce the topic of inequalities in Europe in national languages;
  • Activity sheets intended forpupils in national languages;
  • Map background;
  • Certificate of attendance.

Below you can find Hyperatlas packs for teachers in five language versions, as well as prsentations from workshops examples of students' excercices.