South Europe: Blue Growth: The maritime reality from a European perspective

ESPON results have revealed that the territorial capital and development opportunities are inherent in the regional and territorial diversity which are major characteristics of Europe. Different types of territories are tackling with diverse combinations of resources, different endowments, challenges and opportunities and, thus, are putting themselves into different positions towards contributing to the achievement of EU2020. The territorial cohesion’s main policy aim is about enabling potentials in all different types of regions and seas ‐ to be fully explored and successfully managed for achieving sustainable, inclusive and smart growth. The Territorial Agenda 2020 specifically acknowledges the maritime activities for territorial cohesion in Europe and promotes coordinated actions from Member States on maritime spatial planning. Such planning should be integrated into the existing planning systems to enable harmonious and sustainable development of a land‐sea continuum. This acknowledgement and the relative discussions at EU level brought into being the maritime dimension of the Europe 2020 Strategy, namely the Blue Growth Agenda.