West Europe: Luxembourgish Small and Medium-Sized Towns in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities

Small and Medium-Sized Towns: Facts and Figures

Europe is a highly “urbanised” continent. Cities form the backbone of the European territory and are key actors in implementing EU and national policies. Alongside the larger cities, small and medium-sized towns play an important role in regional development across Europe. They contribute to greater social cohesion and concurrently represent the economic pillars and drivers in the EU. Towns and cities in the EU are facing different challenges. Whilst some are seeing their population decline, others have a rather fast growing population, which intensifies problems such as increasing unemployment or environmental pollution. The same applies to economic development: some towns show strong economic growth whilst others have to deal with a shrinking economy. Nevertheless, small and medium-sized towns (SMSTs) could offer opportunities to increase the resilience of the regions they are situated in by promoting their potential in fields such as employment creation or social cohesion.