Create your own map! ESPON workshop at XVIII Warsaw Science Festival

The aim of the workshop is to present the possibility of creating your own maps using ESPON 2013 interactive web tools ESPON Rimap and ESPON City Bench. It will take place on 20th September at University of Warsaw (Old Library, room 207) at 12:00.

Participants will be briefed on the essence of the ESPON program and its projects. Particular emphasis will be put on practical use of project results such as interactive web tools. Participants will also be introduced to creation, reading and interpreting maps in an accessible and understandable manner. Most common mistakes in this area, as well as the source of possible distortions and misinterpretations will also be discussed.

The main part of the workshop will be devoted to online tools ESPON Rimap ( and ESPON City Bench (, by which the participants themselves will design and perform map presenting the diversity of socio-economic phenomena at European scale. Designing maps will include the choice of scales, subjects, forms of presentation and color pallets.

Using additional functionalities of ESPON tools will enable participants to create additional versions of maps, allowing not only to present the data, but also their analysis and interpretation of more complex examples.

Participants are asked to bring laptops. Entries from September 15th shall be send to:

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