Evaluation and monitoring systems of urban economic potential - seminar for local policy-makers in Poznan

Small and medium-sized towns will be a key topic of "ESPON and your needs" seminar on 23rd June 2014 in Poznań, Poland. This workshop is organised by Polish Chamber of Commerce and showcased methods and models developed by ESPON and encouraged local policymakers to use them in their town planning practice.

Small and medium-sized towns are nodes in the network of economic, social and cultural connections. They are located in a geographical space as well as in space of flows of capital, information, technology, images, sounds and symbols. Small and medium town own has its own territorial capital, which can be multiplied based on local resources relevant only to this particular place. There are several methods and models developed by ESPON projects that allow to identify territorial capital of towns and benchmark findings according to their specific characteristics. Furthermore the aim of the workshop is to facilitate discussion on most adequate methods and indicators that measure competitiveness and economic performance of small and medium-sized towns in Poland.

Date: 23.07.2014 r.  Time: 11.00 – 14.00

Place: Polish Economic Association, Poznań Branch, ul. Klasztorna 24

Participants: Urban policy stakeholders, scientists and researchers, NGOs, deliverers of services of general interest.

 Aim of the meeting:

  • Confirmation of the necessity to monitor development processes, disseminate best solutions and project results regarding cohesion policy and regional development observatories with particular focus on monitoring economic activity that affects the quality of life in regions and cities.
  • Review of urban benchmarking methods and systems, especially regarding medium sized towns. Showcasing an innovative municipal services benchmarking system in the context of urban economic potential.
  • Challenge mental barriers in dissemination and capitalization of urban development monitoring systems by featuring their complexity and utility in strategic decision-making processes

 Thematic scope:

  • Urban benchmarking as a tool of complex evaluation of development potential.
  • Indicators of municipal services monitoring system in Wielkopolskie as elements of broader urban economic potential benchmarking.
  • Regional development policy monitoring system in Wielkopolskie.
  • Economic development potential evaluation system of functional urban areas in medium-sized towns and cities. Methods and indicators


  • Katarzyna Wojnar - Centre for European Regional and Local Studies (EUROREG), University of Warsaw, ECP PL
  • Dorota Celińska – Janowicz - Centre for European Regional and Local Studies (EUROREG), University of Warsaw, ECP PL
  • Janusz Marczak – Urban Economy Committee, Polish Chamber of Commerce
  • Radosław Krawczykowski – Director of the Department of the Implementation of Regional Operating Programmes in Wielkopolskie
  • Mieczysław Borówka – Deputy Director of the Department of Regional Policy in Wielkopolskie

Programme and presntation from the event are available below.