VIII Lithuanian Urban Forum "Urban Renovation, Modernisation and Recreation"

Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania together with Šiauliai City Municipality, Šiauliai University and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University are organizing VIII Lithuanian Urban Forum in Šiauliai City on 27th of November 2014

Forum is designed for the state and municipal authorities’ responsible officers, researchers and business representatives, concerned public organizations, professionals of architecture urban planning and construction.

The aim of the event is a complex overview of the urban regeneration problems – from territorial conversion to development of new urban structuresin accordance with principles of sustainable development.

It is intended to discuss:

  • How to make Lithuanian cities, towns and villages remain beautiful and alive, in order to improve people's living conditions, rational and efficient use of natural, cultural and energy resources;
  • How to stop urban dispersion and internal “aging” of territories;
  • What should the Lithuanian urban policyand spatial planning system be in order to ensure sustainable development, to concentrate funds, to promote actions and efforts for efficient modernization of housing and residential areas.

The main themes will be:

  • Urban policies;
  • Efficient use of energy and natural resources;
  • Housing modernization, renovation of residential blocks, conversion of industrial territories, urban infrastructure modernization;
  • Financial and economic instruments and mechanisms meeting urban challenges.

Proposed content:

  • Modernization of residential territories;
  • Conversion of residential territories;
  • Formation practice of urban public spaces;
  • Modernization of peripheral areas of the city and their integration into urban structure;
  • Modernization of the central part of the city;
  • Formation of urban spatial structure (composition)

We kindly invite the ESPON “family” members to participate in Forum and to be held discussions.

All presentations will be published in the Forum publication.