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FINLAND: Evidence and analytic tools for regional planning

The event, organised in conjunction with the "Annual Meeting of Regional Planners", took place on December 17, 2014.

In co-operation with the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, the Finnish ECP organised the national ESPON on the Road event for Finland on the 17th of December 2014 in Helsinki. The key aim of the event was to inform regional-level policy-makers about the progress made in ESPON, to introduce them to the key features of ET2050 and to make them aware of the possibilities of existing and upcoming ESPON tools. The audience was fitting for the purpose as it consisted of the directors of regional planning in the Finnish regions and representatives from the Ministry of the Environment, which in Finland is responsible for land-use and spatial planning issues. Without the help from the Ministry it would have been difficult to assemble such a relevant audience. Overall, there were approximately 25 participants.

The event started with Heikki Eskelinen providing some reflections on ESPON’s work so far and the prospects for the next ESPON2020 period. Finnish researchers’ participation in ESPON projects was deemed to be satisfactory, but there were calls for more initiative from the Finnish regions and cities to become involved in Targeted Analyses projects. Generally, the regional planning actors are quite well aware of the existence of ESPON and its activities, but there was some discussion on how to make it more relevant for their activities. The ECP and Ministry representatives encouraged the audience to study ESPON project reports they find of interest and particularly to pay attention to the often quite contextual and detailed case studies.

Timo Hirvonen then presented the key messages from the ET2050 project. This Territorial Vision for Europe is topical in the Finnish context as several Finnish Ministries are currently finalising the Spatial Vision for Finland in co-operation with a consortium of several research units. Generally it was concluded, that the different scenarios prepared within ET2050 would lead to rather similar spatial outcomes in Finland. The relative lack of a northern perspective or dimension was seen as a weakness.

Lastly, Matti Fritsch presented existing and upcoming ESPON tools. Particularly the Baltic Sea Region Territorial Monitoring System was met with interest. From a Finnish perspective it was welcomed that Northwest Russia and Belorussia were included into the monitoring system. The audience was made aware of the opportunities posed by the new ESPON tools that so far are not available from the website, such as CityBench and the TIA tool.

The agenda (see attachment for more details in Finnish) included

  • Opening of the event (Juha Nurmi, MoE)
  • Introduction to the ESPON programme (Heikki Eskelinen, ECP)
  • ET 2050: an and open and polycentric Europe (Timo Hirvonen, ECP)
  • Using ESPON tools for regional planning (Matti Fritsch, ECP)

Below you can find presentations and photos from the event.

Cover photo: Central Helsinki from plane, by Hugo Almeida (CC-SA 1.0)