SWEDEN: Learn to know your region by ESPON or what can ESPON do for your region?

The event took place in Stockholm, in Swedish Association of County Councils and Municipalities (SKL), on November 28.

Main topics were:

  • Urban-rural relations from a European and Swedish point of view including demographic scenarios.
  • Swedish rural and regional policy.
  • Small and medium-sized cities as drivers for regional development in sparsely and rural areas.
  • Climate Adaptation Governance in Sweden: Implementing the ESPON TANGO Framework for regions and municipalities.
  • Panel discussion concerning what can ESPON do for your region?

Speakers: EllinorIvarsson, SKL, Stockholm (chair of the day), Mats Johansson, KTH, Stockholm Johanna Roto, Nordregio, Stockholm, Cecilia Waldenström, SLU, Lars Westin, CERUM, Umeå University, Lisa van Well, SGI, Stockholm, In the panel: Folke Snickars, KTH (chair), SverkerLindblad, Ministry of Industry, Stockholm, Lukas Smas, Nordregio, Stockholm, Magnus Persson, RegLab, Örebro, LottiJilsmo, Västervik Municipality, Helen Slättman, Stockholm City.

During the seminar different ESPON projects were presented from a Swedish point of view or with specific relevance for Swedish conditions. This was a good approach as the audience, consisted of practitioners and policy-makers at regional and local levels,seem to be familiar with the messages and probably also more aware of ESPON:s potentials for the regional and local levels in the analytical work. From a Swedish point of view the scale problem was highlighted in the discussion in the sense that differing development paths were hidden by the large sizes of the regions.

Below you can find presentations from the seminar and the press release.

Photo: Model of Stockholm (by Dorota Celinska-Janowicz)