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LITHUANIA: Workshop “Smart city”

Workshop "Smart city", held on July 1, within the VGTU Summer Camp in Vilnius "Know profession"

Summer camp organized by VGTU for the second consecutive year brought together pupils from all over Lithuania and familiarized them with the environment, mechanics, technology, engineering and creative industries. Summer camp helped pupils to understand what are their possibilities and choices in the world of professions. 

Within the Camp Department of Urban Engineering together with Research Institute of Territorial Planning (Faculty of Environmental Engineering) organized the workshop “Smart city” based on the experiences in previous ESPON P4 projects. Pupils got to know the European territory with the help of ESPON results and tools (HyperAtlas and other tools). With a help of speakers they tried to compare and analyse cities of Lithuania relative position at European, national and local scale for a set of Smart City criteria, such as science and technology, transport and accessibility, population and living conditions etc. Online Map Finder as a very user-friendly interface attracts pupils to follow knowledge already produced by the ESPON2013 Programme. Pupils accepted this easy way and were interested in maps creating and analysis of cities development potential using ESPON tools. 

Below you can find photos and presentation from the workshop (in Lithuanian).